No contracts.

First month $19.00. Each month following is $34.99.

There is a 25% deduction and you are paid 75% of the amount you turn in, just by adding to your contracts the collections fee. You can be paid at a higher percentage and we allow you to go back, up to 2 years of bad debt. Sometimes more with current documentation. Reviewed on a case by case basis.

Monthly updates on the collection process.

Close communication and contact when we have negotiations that are in process.

Social Security Number are not necessary or needed.

We collect on the following Violations:

- No two weeks notice

- Co-pays

- Unpaid tuition

- Bad checks

- Basically anything that violates your payment policy.

You have a legal right to collect for unpaid services rendered.

We report to the credit bureaus.

We list payment violators in our system, where any licensed provider nationwide is able to see that they have skipped out without paying for childcare services. The system also allows you to screen applicants, should you desire.

Notify us, sit back and we do the work for you to get paid.

Our number one goal with this service is to totally rid the child care industry of non-paying parents. If you bounce a check with one retailer, you can not write one with any other. We have developed a tool for our industry to bond together and protect ourselves from payment violators. The child care industry must follow the same guidelines, in order to combat and defeat child care payment violators.

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