• Amy Z. Bruno
    Pre-screening potential clients is awesome. With just one click, we can obtain the full performance history of a potential customers.
    Amy Z. Bruno
    Priceless Childcare
  • Renee Warner
    I had well over $3000 in debt. Thanks to The Payment Violators Network, I did not have to write this debt off. I got my money back!
    Renee Warner
    Tiny Treasures
  • Matthew Adams
    Now that parents understand that their credit files can be affected if they skip out on payment, I now have a sense of security and protection.
    Matthew Adams
    Children First
  • Tyler D. Curtis
    I have been providing childcare services since 2006. Though I have a great passion for childcare, I hate having to chase parents for payments. Now, when enrolling parents, I let them know that I participate in Childcare Payment Violators. We have seen a major increase with on-time payments and parents are no longer skipping out on payments.
    Tyler D. Curtis
    Silver Spoon

The Payment Violators Network

Creating successful childcare systems that promote quality and accountability.

Parents that skip out on tuition, pay tuition late, or leave your center without notice will now be held accountable. With our Payment Violators Network, we will fight on your behalf to recover your lost tuition. We have the largest childcare exclusive collection agency in the nation. Your center will also be connected to all three major credit bureaus, allowing for your payment violators’ credit files to be negatively affected. This is truly changing the way the childcare industry handles business.

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Features of the Payment Violators Network

How Does Payment Violator Work?

Creating childcare systems that prevent lost tuition, and promote increased quality.

The payment violator system works to promote the recovery of lost tuition for child care centers across the nation. The process begins by creating a payment violator account. After your account is created, you will be able to begin entering payment violators into our system. In addition to entering, you will also have access to previously entered payment violators by centers across the nation.

This will help you pre-screen your clients to ensure that you are not accepting clients who have previously skipped out on payments at other childcare centers. After entering your payment violators, they will immediately be sent to our partner collection agency to begin recovering the payment your center is owed. It’s a simple process with great results that will influence the financial wealth of your childcare center.

Good News! There are no monthly contracts

Pay on a month by month basis and cancel anytime you want. We don’t lock you into any contract. It’s $34.99 per month and only $19.99 for your first month. We are confident that the payment violator network will exceed your expectations.

Get Signed Up

Stop writing off bad debts!

The main goal of the payment violators network is to rid the child care industry of parents and guardians who skip out on their child care tuition.

It’s simple! Whether a parent or guardian has breached your two-week notice policy, provided you with bad checks or failed to pay their child care tuition, we can help. You, the childcare provider, enter the information of your violator who skipped out on your tuition and we’ll take it from there. We assign a dedicated representative to your account and work hard to get your hard-earned money back into your pockets. As a child care provider, you have the legal right to collect funds as far back as 2 years once proper documentation is provided. Stop writing off bad debts and start getting paid.

Sign up now and pay $19.99 for your first month

For a limited time only, we are providing a $19.99 first payment special. Sign up now and start the process to recover your lost tuition, and hold payment violators accountable.